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Controlled costs - instant management


Equip yourself with a “Plug & Mine” mining machine! Assembled by us, our RIGS offer you optimal hashrate for controlled consumption.


Entrust us with your mining equipment to take advantage of reduced running costs and improve your performance. A more profitable mining without waiting!

Cloud Mining

Rent computing power (hashrate) to invest in cryptocurrency and instantly receive your earnings from bitcoin, ether, litecoin or zcash! An all inclusive service, no fees, that fits your budget!

100% secure

Since your personal secure space control the state of your machines wherever you are! View the progress of your mining results and renew your contracts with just one click!

Your withdrawal rules

Make cryptocurrency withdrawals to your favorite wallets anytime! In an arbitrary or programmed way, define your method, your rules make the law!

A single Wallet

Track your cryptocurrency revenue in real time from your personal wallet. View your transaction history and manage your withdrawals.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies in 2019

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  • Where can you store your cryptocurrencies?
  • Where can you sell your cryptocurrency?
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A “Plug & Mine” machine just for me!



Increase your profitability without constraints!

Cloud Mining


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Frequently asked questions
We explain you in detail

About the company?

Keening to be able to bring a real know-how in this new ecosystem, to be able to provide with you services and products adapted to your needs and your expectations, to be able to offer the accurate and precise advice and to answer your interrogations, our team naturally is made of profiles with different rich backgrounds and talents and perfectly complementary and necessary for the good cohesion of the overall project. We have been able to bring together different generations to ensure the right balance between innovation and experience. Find our team by clicking here.

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What is a "Hardware" contract?

When you buy a “RIG”, a graphic card-mining machine (GPU), you automatically subscribe to a “Hardware” contract. With this contract you benefit from several support services: a follow-up of the status of your machine in real time (Hashrate, temperatures, consumption…), real-time monitoring of your generated income, the possibility of changing the mining algorithm easily, the management of your personal wallet through the configuration of withdrawal methods, all of these can be done from your Feel Mining personal space. You also benefit from an email alert service for example during a malfunction, reduced performances or a power cut. Customer support is also available throughout the duration of your contract and a regular automatic update of the mining software ensures the optimal functionality of your machine thus freeing you from having to worry about the slightest technical detail.

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What is a Cloud Mining contract?

A Cloud contract is subscribed when you wish to rent some of our computing power (Hashrate) in order to enjoy the benefits of mining as if you really owned the machine at home. Obviously, this Cloud Mining system brings significant benefits since you don’t have to deal with the constraints related to the purchase of the equipment, e.g. the size, installation, optimization and software update, maintenance, possible repairs, energetic cost and inconveniences such as heat and noise.

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What is a hosting contract?

A Feel Mining hosting contract gives you access to a space within our infrastructure where you can home your mining machine(s), thus getting rid of the constraints that comes with this activity (bulk, maintenance, noise pollution, difficulties related to the temperature, troubleshooting, etc.). But even more importantly, our hosting contracts allow you to significantly increase the profitability of your mining thanks to a rent that is competitive compared to domestic power consumption. Simulate for free and without commitment the savings that you would realize by domiciling your equipment in our secured and optimized premises. We guarantee an optimal environment to ensure the lifespan of your equipment. To do this, go to our Offers / Hosting section or click here.

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What is the Blockchain?

A Blockchain (or chain of blocks) is a technology that allows the storage and transmission of information without a regulatory body.

What is a consensus?

In the world of cryptocurrency, a consensus defines a decision-making mechanism on which people agree in order to validate the blocks of a blockchain network.

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What is a wallet?

A “Wallet” is an electronic wallet, essential for anyone willing to store their cryptocurrencies securely.

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What is the POW?

The “Proof-of-Work” (POW) is one of the systems used to create / validate the blocks of a blockchain. The cryptocurrencies operating with this system are multiple since there are more than 100 of them among the most famous: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. These cryptocurrencies are said to be “minable” because they can be mined.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to make payments online without the need of an intermediary in the transaction. It is the first cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology.

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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is somehow bitcoin’s little brother because it is directly inspired by its code. Nevertheless, it was designed to allow the transactions to be four times faster than with bitcoin.

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What is Ethereum?

Created in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin, a Russian / Canadian programmer, Ethereum is a “Global Computer”. It is defined as a protocol of decentralized exchanges to allow the creation of “Smart contracts”.

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What is ZCash?

ZCash is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in 2016 by the cryptographer Zooko Wilcox. It uses the “ZK-Snarks” technology to secure the transactions carried out on its network; its protocol enables anonymous transactions by encrypting both transactions and users.

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What is Monero?

Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency created in 2014 and it focuses on privacy. It is anonymous, uses a protocol called CryptoNote that groups several transactions and it allows to anonymize the senders of each transaction.

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We wish to specify that Feel Mining does not intervene in terms of investment consulting; it is not our role, nor our core business. You will never be solicited on a financial level for a particular opportunity such as an investment promising high profitability.
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