Mining machine

Discover our Rigs assembled with the most powerful components on the market or choose from our selection of the most popular Asics!

Our "Plug & Mine" mining RIGS

A RIG is a computer that is designed and optimized to mine cryptocurrencies. This process is based on the Proof of Work protocol and uses graphics processing units (GPU) as the computing power.

Our machines have been designed to provide optimum power for reasonable power consumption; everything is integrated into specific housings allowing efficient air circulation to make sure the components have the longest possible service life.

2 years warranty

We guarantee all our mining Rigs for 2 years. Asics benefit from the manufacturer's warranty.

Real time monitoring

Follow the activity of your machines at a glance: states, hashrates, temperatures, consumption, etc.

Maintenance & Updates

We pay special attention to your machine. Updates, assistance, remote troubleshooting, we remain present !

All our RIGS are delivered ready to use, you just have to plug it in and start your mining! Neither software installation nor technical knowledge is required!


Ariane is our most powerful product for the cryptocurrencies mining.

180 MH/s

1800 H/s

2529€ TTC

2107,50 € HT

800 Watts
6 graphics cards
55 dB max.


Discovery is the ideal product to discover the world of cryptocurrencies mining.


120 MH/s


1200 H/s

1929 € TTC

1607,50 € HT

500 Watts
4 graphics cards
50 dB max.


Electron is our entry-level product. It is ideal to make your first steps within the field of the cryptocurrencies mining.


60 MH/s


600 H/s

1029 € TTC

857,50 € HT

300 Watts
2 graphics cards
45 dB max.

Our Asics mining

Asics (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) are computer hardware that contains electronic chips (processors) designed to work on a specific cryptocurrencies mining algorithm.

Designed and optimized to provide significant computing power (Hashrate) for reasonable power consumption, they are nonetheless non-evolutive. With this, we wanted to offer you some of the products that generate significant income such as bitcoin, litecoin and Zcash. Indeed, all of them are unlikely to see their mining disappear.

Asics remain indispensable for anyone who wants to mine some popular cryptocurrencies, which require substantial power, that a traditional computer or graphic processor could no longer provide properly.

Innosilicon A9++ ZMaster

The A9++ ZMaster Asic is a product from the Innosilicon company, known for designing some of the most powerful asics on the market.
140 k Sol/s

3600€ TTC

3000€ HT

620 Watts
76 dB max.

Innosilicon T3+ 57T

The asic T3 + 57T is a product of the company Innosilicon, recognized for designing some of the most powerful asics on the market.
57 TH/s

2699 € TTC

2249.17 € HT

3300 Watts
76 dB max.

Antminer S17 Pro

The Antminer S17 Pro is a product of the Chinese company Bitmain, known and recognized for the design of Asics
50 TH/s

3199 € TTC

2665.83 € HT

1975 Watts
76 dB max.
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